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At LawWare, our ethical approach is all about you. Take a look at the sections below that best describe you and our law practice management software to see how we can help.


You’re probably here because your practice management software is not delivering the goods…

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and you’ll be looking for re-assurance that your replacement system will provide you with a flexible, secure and value for money solution. As a partner you may be looking at what your peers are doing. With so many different practice management systems out there, it can sometimes feel overwhelming.

There are several key areas to look at before making your decision:

  • How will the software bring efficiencies, reduce costs, control and manage fee earners, control WIP, etc?
  • Will the software meet all the SRA & Law Society compliance rules?
  • Will it be value for money?
  • How secure will the software be – particularly if it is cloud based?

LawWare is a complete, integrated and cost-effective practice management system. It can be server or cloud based and benefits from bank grade security. It is compliant with regulations and it will allow you to check easily upon the performance of your business as a whole and the efficiency of your fee earners, teams and staff.

Being a partner in a modern firm involves many responsibilities. Balancing these can sometimes be difficult. When it comes to major decisions like your choice of practice management software, speak to the experts at LawWare.

Fee Earner.

Which hat are you wearing today?

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As a fee earner in a busy practice you’re expected to bring in the fees, manage your work effectively and bring in new business. As part of a small team it’s also your role to make a contribution to the smooth running of your practice.

When it comes to selecting new practice management software, you need to know that you are in safe hands. With LawWare you’ve come to the right people.

  • We understand your needs and will work with you to deliver a solution that’s right for yourself, your colleagues and partners.
  • We tick all the right boxes including security and compliance.
  • Our software includes a fully integrated accounts package. This provides you with peace of mind and the ability to manage your business effectively.
  • We use tried and tested technology. Our aim is to continuously develop it to meet future needs and client expectations.
  • We have an eye for the detail. We understand that the system you demand has to be both highly functional and competitively priced.

Our approach is straightforward, We offer no-nonsense advice to ensure our products meet the needs of your practice. That way we help you to make the right decision for yourself as a fee earner and your partners.

Practice Manager.

As Practice Manager you have many responsibilities to shoulder.

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Your role involves a variety of disciplines. These may range from human resources to finances and from office administration to marketing. Not to mention keeping all the partners happy!

Your busy schedule means that the law practice management software systems you deploy have to be up to scratch. At LawWare, we recognise that with so many products on the market, choosing your next supplier of practice management software is difficult. However, as a practice manager it is one of the most important decisions you’ll make.

When decision time arrives, we will work with you to ensure:

  • Our software will help increase the productivity of your business.
  • We will help you design an implementation plan that fits your office practices.
  • All your data migration needs are managed seamlessly.
  • Your new software will ensure that your data is safe, secure and in compliance with all necessary SRA and Law Society norms.
  • We will work with you to develop a training plan and can provide full initial training to all your staff and fee earners. We will then back this up with ongoing training to suit your firm’s particular requirements.
  • Our accounts, reporting and CRM modules will enable you to easily and effectively manage your business, market it and keep the partners up to speed on financial performance and staff productivity.

Our solutions are comprehensive, robust and secure and come competitively priced with full support included.

Accountant or Cashier.

Keeping a cap on expenditure?

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As an accountant or cashier you have a busy life. Whether it’s managing client funds, organising payments and receipts, reconciling bank accounts or processing fee notes. To handle all this and keep an eye on the general state of your practice’s finances can be difficult. You’ll you need accounting and practice management software of the highest calibre.

At LawWare we understand this. We also understand that separate case management and accounts systems can lead to duplication of work and, in many cases, errors. That’s why our accounting module is an integral part of the package, seamlessly linking with case management and providing you with:

  • A single software system with a powerful accounts package at its heart.
  • An easy to use interface which is fully featured and designed specifically to meet the needs of the legal industry
  • Ease of access to all your general and specific accounting information via a comprehensive reporting suite
  • Integrated electronic bank reconciliation capability
  • All the checks and balances demanded by the regulators – making the job of remaining compliant much simpler
  • The ability to integrate seamlessly with an outsourced cashiering provider should you need to.

Whether you’re an accountant or cashier make sure you get the best advice available. To find out more about how LawWare can help you manage all your accounting needs and get an honest opinion from our team of qualified legal cashiers, please contact us.

IT Professional.

What’s under the bonnet?


As an IT professional and advisor to your legal practice, it’s your job to make sure that all major software purchases are fit for purpose, value for money and future proof.

Therefore, you’ll want reassurance that the law practice management software solution you choose, whether server or cloud based, is resilient, compliant and, above all, secure.

LawWare has a multitude of features which extend well beyond simple matter management. However, at its core, the software is:

  • Secure. Backup and security measures are built into the cloud based version giving you and your partners complete peace of mind. If you have an in-house server, no problem. Our technical experts will work with you to get the right backup and maintenance plan set up.
  • Compatible. Our data migration experts have extensive experience of transferring data from most mainstream legal systems. This is one of the key specialist services we offer. We will work closely with you and make sure that all your important data gets safely transferred.
  • Tried and tested. It runs on standard Windows servers using the .Net framework with a SQL server database. LawWare provides all the functionality you demand combined with flexible administration so you can customise elements of the software to meet your needs.
  • Extendable. LawWare offers core functionality and the option to add in client portals and web-based or mobile interfaces in order to meet your needs.

Find out more about what’s under the bonnet for an IT professional. Contact us for the detailed architecture of the system and the technical specs.

New start firm.

Taking a step into the unknown?


Whether you’re thinking of branching out on your own with a new start firm or going into partnership with others to build a new practice, there are many things to consider:

  • How will you deal with SRA and Law Society regulations to make sure your new start firm is compliant?
  • How will you manage your legal IT needs?
  • Can you keep costs under control to get through that difficult first twelve months?
  • Where will your new clients come from and how will you grow your business?

LawWare is designed with the needs of ambitious small and growing legal practices in mind. Our software is secure, reliable and meets all regulatory and compliance requirements. It provides a complete solution. That includes everything from matter management systems to structured workflows and an integrated accounts and reporting package.

You can host it on your own server or use our cloud-based solution, LawCloud. For a set monthly subscription, LawCloud takes care of all your backup and security issues. This provides you with peace of mind and leaves you free to get on with what you are good at – being a lawyer.

Growing Firm.

Are you experiencing growing pains as your business develops?


As your turnover increases and your business goes from strength to strength, sometimes not all your management systems can keep pace with the needs of a growing firm.

You may be a traditional, growing firm looking to modernise or a merged practice where two systems require integration. Whatever the case, you need to consider your options carefully. It’s not just about moving to a new system:

  • Will your new system provide both security and efficiency for your business?
  • Will moving from one or more legacy systems to a modern alternative cause problems?
  • How will your staff adapt to a new system?
  • What are the implications of moving to The Cloud?

At LawWare, we can help you move on and relieve the pains of a growing firm. We provide you with a personalised approach and a concrete plan for the installation of your new system. We are highly experienced in migrating data from one system to another and have done so for the majority of the alternative software solutions on the market. Your staff will receive detailed initial training as part of the package and support and further training are readily available afterwards.

And if you’re concerned about moving to The Cloud – don’t be. We provide both own server and cloud based law practice management software solutions. We will talk you through the pros and cons of each to determine which is the best solution for your business.

And, if you have an eye on the future growth of your new start firm, our software is easily extendable. It includes a comprehensive CRM and Marketing suite to enable you to keep your existing clients up to speed and, just as importantly, attract new ones.

Multi-branch firm.

Do you need a solution that covers all the bases?


Managing offices in a different locations involving different work-types and systems makes life that little bit more complex. This is especially true if you are using your own servers and performing your own back-ups. A multi branch firm requires a different approach.

LawWare has extensive experience in developing solutions that can meet all your location, back-up and centralised storage needs. We offer:

  • LawCloud – a cloud based, highly secure, tried and tested platform. It is is accessible from any of your offices but also from court, on the move or indeed anywhere with an internet connection.
  • The system is centralised, and eliminates the need for and expense of having multiple servers. This reduces the likelihood of server failure and down-time.
  • Our cloud based solution automatically connects your offices together, giving your team access to a centralised practice system, encouraging everyone to work in a more joined up way.
  • Back-ups are automatic and in triplicate – removing the need for back-up down-time and hard copies.
  • The system is flexible and customisable – catering for many different types of work that you may deliver.

To find out more about how we can help your multi branch firm work together more efficiently , please contact us.


Mapping out a different way of doing things?


You may be a law firm with external investment, one that brings together a cross-section of people from different disciplines, or a specialist practice. If so, you are clearly thinking about the future in a different way. The A.B.S. route demands a resilient and flexible approach that needs to be reflected in your practice management system.

At LawWare we build flexible law practice management software systems designed to comprehensively cover all your work type and workflow needs. Our route map for designing your system includes an in-depth assessment of your business needs covering:

  • Security and compliance
  • Discussing your business needs and understanding your business culture
  • Gaining a better understanding of your current systems and what changing to a new one will entail
  • Working with you to outline a proposal that works and meets your budgetary expectations
  • Show you the software and talk you through the kind of benefits it can offer to you and your team
  • Talk you through what’s involved, the likely timescales and develop a way forward where we can work together to achieve an agreed outcome
  • Efficient, flexible and profitable systems
  • Tailored workflows to meet the needs of all your different users
  • In-built flexibility to allow you to adapt and change as your business and its markets change.

Our purpose is to make sure you have a system that suits your current needs and that it will readily adapt to future demands. Our law practice management software is all about you.

Virtual Law Office?

You can find out more details about assistance for virtual law offices on this page.

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