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See what our clients think.

Why choose LawWare legal software? With an extensive family of clients based throughout the UK, it is their feedback that provides the most accurate picture.

The key reasons for choosing us as cited by our clients are:

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  • It’s easy, there is no big sales contract. We rely on the strength and scope of our software and services. And want to develop a long-term relationship with you and all your staff who use LawWare.
  • There’s no tie in. If you don’t want a certain element of the software, you don’t have to take it.
  • We have an active User Group – to ensure you are getting the most from your relationship with us and to help us develop the software to meet the needs of the future.
  • Support comes as part of the package. Therefore, there are no additional extras to surprise you.
  • Remote support tool allows you to log us on (i.e. with your permission) and share your screen, keyboard and mouse and then we can really see what you are seeing. You can also use it as a training aid to help us show you on your screen what should be done, while talking to you on the telephone. This is invaluable to firms in more remote locations.
  • We deliver updates regularly and seamlessly without interruption to normal service. Consequently, we ensure the software is fully compliant, flexible and up-to-date.

And more…

  • We are not trying to sell you everything up front, take what you need just now. When you are ready to expand later, we will work with you. Helping you to gradually upgrade your systems and integrate new islands of information..
  • We excel in the legal software field and supply dedicated products to the legal industry alone. Our focus is the development and extension of our software and services and the server or cloud based technology that underpins them.
  • We have an extensive family of clients all using LawWare. All are very satisfied with the service we provide – from the Highlands & Islands of Scotland, throughout England and Wales and down to the Channel Islands.
  • You deal directly with the authors of the software, not though a dealer or agent or subsidiary.
  • Warren Wander (Managing Director and Proprietor of LawWare Ltd) will also make this long standing commitment, that if you or any of your colleagues and staff wish to speak directly to him about any matter to do with LawWare, he will be happy to speak to you or them at any time without delay.

For further reasons to choose LawWare, please read our client testimonials.

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