FormEvo and LawWare

FormEvo and LawWare are pleased to announce a new partnership. The partnership aims to improve both productivity and flexible working for UK law firms.

What is FormEvo?

FormEvo is a cloud-based Forms Library. It replaces the traditional on-premise forms applications which rely on your IT Department or users to download software and content updates.

FormEvo and LawWare
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FormEvo provides you with cloud-based access to the only vendor-independent, comprehensive and secure, electronic and digital legal forms library in the UK. The UK Government’s “Digital by Default” service standard is integral to our service. This smooths the transition from paper to electronic to digital forms. It also future proofs your firm as we move rapidly towards towards digital e-submission.

Legal forms are FormEvo’s only business. Its research and development is totally focused on developing electronic and digital legal forms that are easy to use, innovative, flexible and help you complete forms faster.


Today’s key requirements around collaboration, client experience, data security, adaptable third-party integrations and return on investment (ROI) are all achieved within FormEvo and its comprehensive API. This, combined with transparent, consistent and fair pricing based on your actual “form or user” usage, makes FormEvo the only forms solution you’ll need to support your firm now and into the future.

FormEvo has supported more than five million digital forms e-submissions since 2007.

Core Benefits

The FormEvo and LawWare partnership brings with it the following benefits:

  • Form Bundling
  • Digital submissions
  • Form colaboration
  • Automation
  • User or form-centric pricing
  • Form expandability
  • Cloud-based forms library
  • GDPR/Cyber compliance

In addition to these, LawWare’s LawCloud system auto populates FormEvo – making the whole process more efficient.

And that’s just the standard edition of FromEvo. To find out more about how FormEvo and LawWare can improve your legal business’s productivity, please contact us or visit the FormEvo website.

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