New LawWare Accredited Legal Technologist, Warren Wander talks about his latest accolade. LawWare CEO, Warren Wander recently received the Law Society of Scotland’s Legal Technologist Accreditation. The award is in recognition of his skills and long service in the field of Scottish legal technology.

How would you describe your current role at LawWare?

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As founder of LawWare Ltd, I am proud to have grown the business from a seedling back in 1998 to the fine organisation it is today. Nowadays, as Managing Director, my role is to prune the leaves, and make sure there’s plenty of sunshine & nourishment.

That means setting the direction, recruiting the best talent, managing the team and keeping in touch with clients. And generally rolling up my sleeves and digging in to help the rest of the team. I love being very hands on. I see our team as one big family, and our clients are an extension of that. If they’re happy, then I am too.

It has been my pleasure to have grown LawWare to support almost 500 UK law firms. I’m honoured that we’re the custodian of the technical lifeblood of these practices. We value this and I never take it for granted.

Where do you hope to take the company in the next few years?

LawWare is a strong brand. It is a financially secure and debt free business committed to re-investing in its future. We’re innovating and creating great solutions that we’re delivering to the profession through our recently launched V5 product.

I am an avid technologist and, therefore, passionate about how tech can help find ways for law firms to enhance productivity, profitability, and enrich people’s lives.

Over the next few years, we will continue to take advantage of the newest breakthroughs. At the same, time we shall reaffirm our position as leaders in legal and as one of the foremost suppliers of software to law firms in Scotland, and the rest of the UK.

What motivated you to seek accreditation?

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To me, accreditation means being a part of a specialist community in Scotland, working together to influence how law firms can maximise the potential of technological change both now and into the future. I feel I can help and have a lot to give. Consequently, the ALT award supports that ambition.

What does being the new LawWare Accredited Legal Technologist mean to you?

LawWare software was born out of the “High Street Starter Kit Project” way back in 1995. That was a collaboration between the three major regional UK Law Societies. It aimed to encourage the development of modern software that met the high standards they defined. Having served the profession for so many years, it’s humbling to have now earned the right to become personally accredited with this prestigious recognition.

May 2022.

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