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How Cloud computing for law firms can assist expansion into new locations.

connecting multi-site law offices

Cloud computing, or “Cloud” as it is becoming known, is a new choice of IT platform for law firms in the UK with firms moving their IT processing and data to servers which are located outwith their own law offices. This permits the connecting multi-site law offices. One of the benefits of this is that it allows smaller law firms to expand into new locations. There are three main reasons for this:-

1. Accessibility

First, practice management software in the Cloud is accessible from virtually anywhere in the world with certain exceptions. Provided that lawyers have access to a computer with an Internet connection and authorised access to the secure Cloud platform, setting up in a new location is, from an IT perspective, made considerably easier with Cloud;

2. Cost

Second, access to the Cloud involves little or no capital outlay. With subscription on a pay-as-you-go basis, usually on a monthly basis. Whereas previously the IT overheads may have been too expensive because of the need to install a proficient IT infrastructure. Now the overheads reduce greatly with access to professional IT infrastructure that many law firms would be unable to provide for themselves.

3. Security

Third, and perhaps most significant, the security risks involved in transferring physical and electronic client data can be alleviated with a secure Cloud platform. Previously, it was more unsafe to transfer client data from one office to another via USB sticks and hard drives. Now, since that client data can be stored securely on private Cloud infrastructure, such as via a server located in the UK or at least within the EU, the need for such a transfer goes. There is, therefore, also an adequate risk management solution in respect of data protection and confidentiality.

Based in the UK, LawCloud houses the successful LawWare practice management software through its leading Cloud service. An evolution in legal technology. LawCloud ensures that, for a fixed low monthly cost, solicitors across the UK have access to client files wherever they are.

If you are thinking of connecting multi-site law offices, Contact LawCloud on 0845 2020 578 for further information.

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