An opportunity to go it alone.

Jonathan Waters wanted to start his own law firm but it involved finding the right software solution to meet his needs.
Jonathan looked for the right solution and found that LawCloud met his needs and more.
Simplified start-up, cost savings, efficiency of administrative work, improved visibility of financials, easier document creation and scanning.
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Waters has started a firm based in East Sussex specialising in Commercial Litigation, Employment Law and landlord and tenant residential.

Having been the partner responsible for litigation and IT at a large high street firm employing 70 people he left  in December  2011 to start his own firm. He was used to a very high level of IT support. He was adama nt that his system of choice would provide better access to client and business information, improve overall efficiency and help to reduce costs.

Additionally, Waters wanted the system to help improve client communication and management and have in-built marketing capabilities to help expand the business as well as keeping track of client and firm’s monies.

Waters comments “Finding a system with no front loading of set up charges was critical. I believe in practice management software and in Cloud based provision of Software as a Service.  I wanted full document management including scanning in of physical documents and I wanted any solicitor at the firm to be able to access the system remotely 24/7. We needed a system that was right at the start and allowed me to add users as the firm grows”

Finding the right product.

After a brief web presentation, Waters found LawCloud met all of his firm’s needs – particularly at start-up. The reassurance and support he gained from the LawWare team impressed him.

“Starting as a greenfield site, there was very little preparation required in setting up the system, effectively zero. I had two afternoons of online training and I was up and running. The implementation went very smoothly. I was pleasantly surprised as I know how problematic systems can be to implement.” Says Waters. “Warren personally was amazing in dealing with email problems over the Christmas period. All of the individuals at LawWare were very helpful.”

Significant improvements in efficiency.

“Being a busy litigator with a growing firm it is incredibly useful to be able to view my files from any location. The cloud system promotes team working, flexible working  and very high levels of client service.”

“I am a fan, and want to keep working with LawWare to make a good product great.” Jonathan Waters, Helix Law Ltd.

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