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Introducing the LawWare Portal Brochure.

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The LawWare Portal is a web-based application that runs in a browser and complements the LawWare desktop application. It aims to:

  • Enable your team to access their contacts, clients and matters out of the office on their smartphones or tablets.
  • Present controlled matter information to selected clients and third party contacts in real-time.

A robust, lightweight application designed to make your work experience simpler and more efficient as well as keeping your clients happy.

You can access to the Portal is via a secure login with password protection and optional multi-factor authentication built in.

There are many benefits to adding the LawWare Portal to your existing LawWare software. We think the key ones are:


Enabling you to work from anywhere with a minimum of fuss and hardware.

Information for when you are on the move

Whether you are in court, visiting a client or even on holiday, the Portal provides instant information at your fingertips.

Satisfied clients

Your clients are your most valuable asset. With the Portal, you can now keep them fully up to speed and contact them when action is required.

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