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LawWare Testimonial – 828 Law

LawWare testimonial 828 law

Principal Solicitor, Angela Bartley, explains why she uses LawWare.

Angela Bartley established 828 Law in 2014 with the aim of breaking the stereotypical law firm approach. 828 encompasses on the principle of being available when clients need assistance by working from 8am to 8pm providing the legal advice and support when they need it.

Angela spoke at length about LawWare:

Why did 828 decide to look for a practice management solution?

“I’d used systems in my previous roles so the obvious thing to do was to go to the market and take a look at what was available to meet our specific needs.”

What made you decide to opt for LawWare?

“It was a combination of factors. We liked the way it looks and the way it does the job in hand. It was also apparent that it was in-depth software which would be able to meet our needs as we grew our business.”

What do you consider to be the key features of the system?

“The two that spring immediately to mind are its ease of use and the fact that it is cloud-based. It’s really straightforward to navigate around the software and add information to client and case files.

I also take on a significant amount of court work. Delays often happen at court and, when they do, LawWare gives me the ability to login and carry on working.”

Can you pinpoint one specific facet of the software that has made a real difference?

“That has to be all the all the templates, checklists and forms which we can enter onto the system. They are well set out, easily accessible and significantly speed up the process of getting the job done.”

How do you find the support you receive from the LawWare team?

LawWare testimonial 828 Law quote

“They really do go above and beyond the call of duty. A few years ago, I received an email around Christmas time alerting me to the fact that the LawWare team would not be available to take support calls for the afternoon as it was their Christmas office celebration day.

As luck would have it, I needed urgent assistance with a case related matter. I got through to the team and one member left the party and sorted the issue for me speedily and without fuss.”

Would you recommend LawWare and why?

“I really would. The software is a solid piece of work that meets all the practice management needs of our business. Not only that, it will also develop and grow with us as we need it to and the backup and support are excellent.”

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