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LawWare testimonial: Argo Life.

Founding Director, Kelly Duke describes how her business uses LawWare.

Argo Life & Legacy is much more than just a law firm. Kelly set up the business from scratch in 2014 in honour of her grandmother. Her clear intention was to deliver legal services and personal backup with a listening, caring approach, designed to look after the whole individual rather than just provide off-the-shelf legal services.

Kelly had this to say about her business and LawWare:

Why did you decide you needed a new practice management system?

“After working for a number of legal practices that didn’t use integrated systems, clearly time and effort were being wasted and consistency of approach sacrificed as a result. Things needed joining up so we looked for a system that could do that.”

Did you look at many systems?

“I’ll be honest, we shopped around and looked at a number of suppliers. This quickly allowed us to rule out the more expensive and less capable ones, leaving us with a shortlist of three.”

What made you favour LawWare?

“It was a combination of factors really. Firstly, LawWare provided us with an advanced solution at an affordable price. Over and above that, the software was easy to navigate, it dovetailed perfectly with our working practices and allowed us to save time and effort in what we did.”

Which features were key in making your decision?

“Again, there were several additional elements. The fact that we could incorporate our own workflows made a great deal of difference, allowing us to streamline and standardise our processes to help us deliver consistent, timely service to our clients.

All that said, it’s not just about the software. LawWare is not just a product, it’s an ongoing commitment by the supplier to our firm. Support is always available immediately we require it.

The training materials in the LawWare Academy really help us to plug any gaps in our knowledge and the backup from LawWare’s Client Relationship Manager helps us to understand how we can get more out of it to improve our productivity.”

What is the main difference LawWare has made?

LawWare testimonial: Argo Life quote

“The software is joined up in the way it works. Case management and accounts integrate into the same system, avoiding the need for duplication of effort. Everything we need is in one place.”

Any other benefits?

“We use the Activities Window to allocate documents to a review queue, allowing us to see what needs doing and by when. On top of that, the system allows us to upload and modify precedents when necessary and update risk management procedures easily.”

Would you recommend LawWare and, if so, why?

“Yes. And the most obvious reasons for saying that are that LawWare software is easy to use. It’s straightforward to learn and backed-up by excellent support and client care.”

LawWare testimonial: Argo Life.

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