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LawWare Testimonial: Chhokar and Co.

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Senior Partner, Santokh Chhokar, explains why he chose LawWare.

Chhokar & Co is an international group of professional firms committed to providing exceptional quality client care. Chhokars provide a wide range of legal, accounting, tax and corporate services. Their approach is to deliver creative and constructive solutions to problems in a cost-effective manner.

Santokh describes his experience with LawWare:

Why did you decide to look for a new practice management system?

“In all honesty, we weren’t looking to change systems. LawWare’s Sean Town approached us in the first instance. That said, we had reached a point where, after 20 years with our existing supplier, we thought it would be worthwhile to take a look at alternatives.”

Which other systems did you look at?

“We took the time to look at a couple of other well-known suppliers to gauge their capabilities against what we had already.”

Why did you choose LawWare?

“One of the key benefits of the LawWare package is it offers much more accounting functionality in comparison to our existing system. In addition, we were an early adopter of cloud-based legal software and LawWare offered a solution that delivered cloud in a simple, easy-to-use format that everyone could get to grips with quickly”

Which features were key in making your decision?

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“Integration with Microsoft Office was one of the major benefits of LawWare. Opening emails and case documents from within a single system improved our productivity. Also, the ability to drag and drop emails directly into the case file meant that we could store all client interaction systematically for future reference.”

How has LawWare made a difference to your business?

“The software has helped us in many ways. However, if I could pick on one specific aspect it would be the “dropbox”. This allows myself and my team to share legal documents, collaborate on them and, as a result, improve our efficiency.”

Any other benefits?

“There is no doubt in my mind that, following the enforced move to flexible working in 2020, the cloud aspect of the software came into its own. Enforced remote working came as a big shock with some of our team adapting quickly to it and others testing the waters with more circumspection.

The LawCloud platform enabled us to carry on our work in these circumstances and helped us to recognise that a more hybrid approach to the office of the future really would work.

”Would you recommend LawWare and, if so, why?

“Yes. LawWare runs smoothly. It delivers everything we need consistently with no unexpected issues. The support team is always available to take care of any issues which may arise. Above all, LawWare’s team listens to us and addresses our needs.”

LawWare Testimonial: Chhokar and Co.

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