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Founded in 2017, Corbett Le Quesne is a specialist family law firm based in St. Helier, Jersey. They advise on all aspects of family law and their approach to clients is “to provide peace of mind

for those facing difficult and emotional times”.

Corbett Le Quesne’s Office Manager, Lizzie Keogh, gives her impressions of LawWare.

Lizzie spoke openly about her experience of using LawWare and had this to say in response to our questions:

What prompted you to start looking for a practice management solution?

“It really wasn’t like that. When we set up the firm, several of us had used and were familiar with LawWare from our previous practice. We all liked it, and saw no reason to shop around. LawWare does what it says on the tin.”

No other systems were in the frame?

“No. However, what was in the frame was a move to the complete system. We’d previously only used LawWare for case management with accounts taken care of by a separate, non integrated product. By moving to LawWare with accounts, things became a lot simpler and duplication of effort was eliminated.

That was a key change for us. We can now find out how much a client owes and how much WIP is outstanding together – all under one roof.”

Which features do you think offer the most benefit to your business?

“Apart from it being a complete system with no external accounting software required, I’d say the most important feature is a general one: it’s not overly complicated. That means we find it straightforward to use and that makes us more productive.

Yes, we do have a shopping list of things we would like the software to do, but we know that the team at LawWare are very responsive and can meet those needs.”

How do you get on with the LawWare team?

“The support team are excellent. I can always get through to real people rather than some remote call centre. And they speak plain English and don’t shower me with technical jargon. That’s a big bonus.

I have become something of the office champion or point of contact for all things LawWare. But, when I can’t resolve an issue, LawWare’s Client Relationship Manager, Graham Dingley, always sorts it out for me in a way that I can understand.”

What do your colleagues make of the system?

“They all seem to be happy with it. They also find LawWare staff approachable and friendly when they need support.”

Would you recommend LawWare and, if so, why?

“Yes – and that’s not just an idle comment. I have recommended LawWare recently to another local legal practice. They took on board my advice and are now fully set up with their new system.

I think that speaks volumes about how highly we regard both the software and the people.”

Lizzie Keogh, Office Manager, Corbett Le Quesne.

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