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Barbara Corbett is a Jersey Advocate and English Solicitor with over 20 years’ experience as a family lawyer. She is the Senior Partner and founder member at Corbett Le Quesne and specialises in mediation, family arbitration, international family law and a specialist children’s law.

She told us about her experience of using LawWare.

Why did you choose LawWare?

“It wasn’t really a case of having to choose. Prior to founding our business in 2017, many of us were familiar with the software and found it met all our needs. It just made sense to stick with a reliable, compliant product.”

What does LawWare bring to your business?

“The key thing is that it makes us efficient. Everything is housed under one roof – case management, accounts, time recording and billing. That means we don’t have to rely on other software packages that would inevitably involve duplication of effort.”

Which features do you find most beneficial?

“There are several. But one that springs immediately to mind is the ability to have instant, up-to-date information on total client fees and work in progress. That allows us to know exactly where we are up to with each client and case. That aside, LawWare allows everyone to work at home if necessary, which is great at times when flexible working is either desirable or, as has been the case recently, mandatory. When members of our team are away, we can also access their files and data to minimise disruption to our clients.”

What else does the software offer?

“I guess if I had to choose one specific thing that makes a real impact, it would be email integration. LawWare’s most useful feature is being able to save emails directly into the case file. This avoids being unable to locate correspondence, duplication and searching.”

How do you find the support LawWare offers?

“One of my colleagues acts as our in-house champion for the software. However, when the need arises for additional input, we know the support team is just a telephone call or email away. It’s an excellent backup system and the LawWare team are both prompt and professional in the way they handle support requests.”

Would you recommend LawWare and, if so, why?

“The simple answer is yes. More than that, we have done on many, many occasions. In the last few months alone, we have suggested to three of our peers that they should look no further than LawWare as the practice management system of choice for their businesses. That really tells you all you need to know about the high regard we have for the product.”

Corbett Le Quesne Senior Partner, Barbara Corbett.

October 2021.

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