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Introducing the LawWare V5 Sales Brochure

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LawWare Version 5 icon what we do page
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For well over 20 years, LawWare has been at the forefront of legal practice management software development. During that time our guiding principle has always been to create solutions that save you time and money, reduce your risk and increase your productivity. Then, we backup our software with high quality support and training.

Now, with the release of our fifth generation of software, we are setting new standards that will prove to be a game changer for your legal business.

Version 5 is not just a facelift. It’s a completely redesigned application that retains the familiar look, feel and functionality of V4 but with brand-new, powerful additions to help you streamline your work.

That’s the technical bit – the benefits are much more wide-ranging. Please take a look through this brochure to see the difference they can make to your law firm.

LawWare Version 5 icon what we do page

Good legal practice management systems are not just about case management, accounts and word processing. With LawWare, not only do you get a fully integrated suite of software, but also a system that tackles many other issues that come hand in hand with running a legal business.

Whether it’s keeping you compliant with the regulators, helping you to streamline the way in which you manage your work or enabling you to manage your business effectively, LawWare has a solution tailored to meet your needs.
And it’s not just about you – our system includes a wide variety of features designed from the ground up to keep your clients informed and appraised of case progress.

To find out more, please contact us.

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