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LawWare Case Study: Linda George

Improve efficiency in client management services with an economical, easy to use, trustworthy system incorporating email management (Outlook integration), billing and activity recording.
Extend the current cashroom system with LawWare Matter Management.
Improved office staff efficiency of admin work, speedier document creation, risk management tools introduced, improved data visibility, information at our fingertips.

Extending their existing System.

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Linda George Family law is a well-respected Hamilton based law practice with a range of private and legally aided clients.

LGFL’s Office Manager and was instrumental in the process of extending their LawWare Accounting system to include Matter Management.

She commented: “Having recently discussed our client management service it was decided that to efficiently access and update client’s information, to make contact with clients and to swiftly and easily compile correspondence, we required a system that would be economical, trustworthy and easy to use.”

Improved Feeing & efficiency of electronic filing.

A main priority with the project was to incorporate email/Outlook, tally up fees and a ‘one stop shop’ for client’s information whether that is a telephone call into the office, out of the office, correspondence sent in or out and feeing.

As an existing LawWare user for accounting purposes within the office on two machines, LGFL wanted to extend their usage for better efficiency.

LGFL’s Office Manager continues: “The majority of the preparation was undertaken by LawWare in transferring/copying from our previous CMS system to LawWare, however for ourselves as a firm, nothing more than setting aside time for training and the very brief time for downloading LawWare software onto the server and workstations.”

Smooth migration, easy to use, Excellent Services.

“The implementation went very smoothly. The initial training was excellent; everyone understood what and how to deal with matters.  Additional training was required for the administrator in relation to adding on templates etc. which was expected. Support was excellent.”

We have seen a marked improvement with office staff on efficiency of administrative work:

  • The document creation is absolutely simple to use  for all levels of staff from junior admin to senior solicitors.
  • The risk management is excellent, you can use productivity centre to highlight areas i.e. money laundering and expenditure limits
  • We can see at a glance immediately what funds are available both in firm and client accounts
  • Visibility of deadlines and tasks to accomplish is excellent, especially when using the reminders system

“The level of support is the main benefit using this system.  The system itself once you have had training is simple and easy to use. We have a great relationship with LawWare and the ongoing support is second to none.”

“Every aspect of LawWare that we use is an absolute asset and the simplicity but effectiveness of the system is fantastic.”
Linda George Family Law, Hamilton.

LawWare Case Study: Linda George

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