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Office 365 for the Legal Industry

Office 365 for the legal industry. Legal professionals today face many challenges. They need to ensure compliance. They need to make sure their documents are secure and easily shareable with teams and clients. Above all, they expect their technology solutions to reduce overhead, increase billable hours, enhance productivity, and provide the ability to work anywhere, anytime.

Office 365 provides solutions to address these challenges and more, helping to increase the number of hours that lawyers have available to spend on their client’s needs resulting in increased client referrals and revenue.

Why Office 365?

Cloud-powered Office 365 has the applications you know—always up to date and accessible from virtually anywhere. It includes enterprise-grade services such as online storage for secure document sharing, real-time co-authoring to help improve collaboration, and productivity tools such as content management, enterprise search, and social, while simplifying IT management and reducing IT expenditure.

A secured enterprise-grade cloud-based platform.

Office 365 for the Legal Industry

Office 365 is compliant with world-class industry standards, including ISO 27001, EU Model clauses, HIPAA BAA, and FISMA. It has built-in capabilities such as permissions, versioning control, eDiscovery, and record management. All designed to ensure documents are managed, controlled, archived and can be retrieved in one place with reduced overhead.

Get work done from anywhere and anytime.

You can get to your applications and files from virtually anywhere. FromPC, Mac, tablets, and most mobile devices—and they’re always up to date. Collaborate on matters with teammates, share documents with clients, and connect with other lawyers.

 Simple administration and rock-solid security.

Office 365 protects your data making it much easier to control. There’s step-by-step deployment guidance, and you can manage your users and services from a single admin portal. Office 365 has built-in security that deflects malware, spam, phishing attacks, and other threats. And if you need to, you can connect with an Office 365 expert for migration, custom work, and ongoing support.

Migration to the cloud on your own terms.

Understanding that not all firms and organizations are the same; organizations can make their journey to the cloud at their own pace. Organizations can choose from a full cloud-deployed environment to a hybrid or full on-premises environment to best meet their needs or compliance requirements.

Read more about how Office 365 meets the key requirements of guidance notes published by the Law Society and the Solicitor’s Regulation Authority here: Office 365 A view on UK legal sector guidance

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