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Sole-practitioner in Glasgow.

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“Because of the recession, I was no longer getting the job satisfaction I used to get from my position as a solicitor, even though I was employed as an associate in what used to be a successful legal department within a larger law firm. Start-up Law Firm: Cloud Case Study

In setting up my own legal practice, LawCloud has enabled me to make a smooth transition. The process was a painless as possible. There is a misguided preconception that establishing a law firm requires a great deal of infrastructure. However, with LawCloud, much of that infrastructure, including legal IT and practice management software is already contained in an ideal bundle, accessible with for an all-inclusive monthly cost, with no-upfront capital outlays. This is particularly helpful for cashflow. Something that I rarely had to consider with my previous law firm, even as an associate.

Further, I already had my laptop and internet connection, so the only other main concern was getting the required professional indemnity insurance required by the Law Society. The best part about it was that my old firm used LawWare. This is now incorporated within the LawCloud service. So, I really was able to hit the ground running and focus on building my practice.”

If you are thinking of setting up you own Law firm in the UK and would appreciate a confidential discussion about start up, then please contact us.

More about new starts

Taking a step into the unknown?

Whether you’re thinking of branching out on your own with a new start firm or going into partnership with others to build a new practice, there are many things to consider:

  • How will you deal with SRA and Law Society regulations to make sure your new start firm is compliant?
  • How will you manage your legal IT needs?
  • Can you keep costs under control to get through that difficult first twelve months?
  • Where will your new clients come from and how will you grow your business?

LawWare is designed with the needs of ambitious small and growing legal practices in mind. Our software is secure, reliable and meets all regulatory and compliance requirements. It provides a complete solution. That includes everything from matter management systems to structured workflows and an integrated accounts and reporting package.

You can host it on your own server or use our cloud-based solution, LawCloud. For a set monthly subscription, LawCloud takes care of all your backup and security issues. This provides you with peace of mind and leaves you free to get on with what you are good at – being a lawyer.

Start-up Law Firm: Case Study

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