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Statement of Compliance.

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For all of those operating in the legal sector today, there is a whole host of regulatory and procedural niceties to observe. Whether these emanate from the UK Law Societies, The Solicitors’ Regulation Authority or any other competent bodies, at LawWare we can assure you that our practice management software will help you to meet your compliance obligations. So, how is LawCloud compliant?

We help you to be compliant because:

  • All our server and cloud based products are designed from the outset with compliance at their core.
  • We work closely with the legal regulatory authorities, ensuring we meet and reflect their standards in our software.
  • We build in automatic compliance management tools into our systems:
    • strict anti money laundering checks
    • a databank of evidential ID verification records
    • conflict of interest checks.
  • We stay up to date as new regulations emerge and try to build changes into our software updates.
  • We cater for COLP and COFA regulations via supporting documents that:
    • allow you to track assets
    • review your anti-money laundering procedures
    • maintain a risk register to make the management of risk integral to your business planning and development.
    • report on your performance at any time.
  • Case management workflows can be designed to integrate completely with risk or outcomes focused regulation (OFR) procedures.

The bottom line is that the burden of responsibility for compliance and risk management rests with you – the individual solicitor or practice. LawWare and LawCloud are there to make that job more straightforward and easy to manage.

The Cyber Security Information Sharing Partnership.


The Cyber-Security Information Sharing Partnership (CISP) is a joint, collaborative initiative between industry and government to share cyber threat and vulnerability information to increase overall situation awareness of the cyber threat and cut the impact upon UK business.

As a responsible organisation, LawCloud is a member of CISP and is delighted to join this forward thinking collaborative environment.

As one of the most internet-based economies in the world, we recognise that the UK internet market value exceeds billions of pounds per year. Both industry and government need to better protect against potential cyber threats and CISP supports this as a part of the wider aims of the UK National Cyber Security Strategy by helping to:

  • Make the UK one of the most secure places in the world to do business.
  • Make the UK more resilient to cyber attacks and better able to protect our interests in cyber space.
  • Help shape and open, vibrant and stable cyberspace that supports society.
  • Build the UK’s cyber security knowledge, skills and capability.

Members of CISP have access to an online collaboration tool that provides a trusted and functional environment for industry and government to share cyber threat and vulnerability information, best practice and appropriate mitigations.

For more information on CISP or to become a member yourselves, visit

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