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About us: founded by Managing Director Warren Wander in 1995, LawWare now provides practice management technology to hundreds of legal practices in the UK and continues to grow.

The aim was to produce innovative software specifically for solicitors and offer a first class range of support services to assist law firms to successfully implement the software and keep it operating smoothly thereafter. From its offices in Edinburgh and Manchester, LawWare’s flagship products are continually enhanced and supported by a dedicated team of project managers, developers, trainers and support staff.

Our values are straightforward:

  • We treat people as we wish to be treated ourselves.
  • When we set correct expectations we strive to deliver them.
  • We mix endeavour with integrity and passion with commitment.

Our aims are unmistakable:

  • We focus on the Legal marketplace.
  • We produce software that saves time, saves money and reduces risk.
  • Our software is designed to increase fee earning productivity.
  • We support our clients with high quality services.
  • We remain as committed to existing clients as we are to new clients.
  • Our solutions will improve the quality of work undertaken on behalf of the client.
  • We want to grow our business in a controlled manner.

We have set ourselves real targets in terms of improving the efficiency of law firm staff by making it quicker to achieve tasks, which in turn improves the level of client service they supply to their clients. Our aim is deliberately to create an integrated system so that users are better and more fully informed in order to make the best decisions.

We strive to continually be at the forefront of software development for the legal profession. To achieve this we work closely with firms of all sizes. Whether you are a single practitioner, a small or mid-sized firm, LawWare provides a scaled solution to suit your practice.

Let our clients do the talking…

But the real measure of how we are performing comes from our large family of clients. Please take a look at what they are saying about us.

Ultimately, it’s not about LawWare – it’s about you.

The real point is that the success of our business depends upon what added value we can bring to the table to make your law firm more successful, easier to manage and more profitable. We believe that we have that balance right. If you’d like to find out more about what makes us tick, please visit the two sections via the buttons below:

 Watch our video for the full story.

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