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The building block for your entire electronic client and case files.

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LawWare legal case management software organises all your information by case. LawWare logs every activity, be it a phone call, a document created, an email or time recorded and stores it within the case record.

This allows you to find and locate all relevant information about the transaction with ease.

Lay your hands on the right information instantly.

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You know the data is in your practice management system, but finding it can sometimes be a challenge.

With New LawWare’s adbanced, powerful search facility, case, client, work type and fee earner information is there at the touch of a button.

Keep track of everything that’s been done for each of your cases.

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The database at the heart of LawWare keeps you fully up to speed on the progress of all your case and give you alerts when certain key stages or key costs of the case come around.

It gives you complete control over case management and is a cornerstone of helping you run your business efficiently.

Customise how you manage your cases.

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Whilst many of the different cases you are dealing with at any given time may be similar in nature, no two cases or work types are the same.

LawWare law firm case management software addresses this issue by giving you the option to add custom fields to your cases.

This provides youwith complete flexibility and a mechanism for storing important information that can be used for management reporting.

Considerations for implementing a Case Management system.


Firstly, it is necessary to define Case Management. The phrase has become nothing more than an umbrella term for everything and anything to do with electronic files, automated document production, scanning, all the way through to automatic (computerised) workflow processing. For the purposes of this exercise we would suggest establishing two clearly understood areas – 1. Case Management and 2. Workflow.

Case Management –

is using the benefits of computerisation for generic file management. It is based around an electronic file. The file stores any items that you would expect to find in a conventional paper file. Case Management also includes having standard style letter generation, e-mail capture, file note generation and may include document scanning. LawWare includes straightforward file review procedures and cost and/or charge time recorded.

Workflow –

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means taking the already implemented and successfully running Case Management scenario and adding an automated task scheduler to it. This requires identification all the individual tasks to be performed within a logical transaction and is most often linked to particular worktypes.

It’s necessary to establish a link between all individual tasks. It is essential that the worktype contains highly predictive tasks that follow a logical and chronological order. Issues such as escalation, level of staff required at each task, specific document style for each relevant task, will all need serious attention and effort.

You need all this before any testing and live running. Testing involves producing a Test Pack that contains all the variants of the workflow paths. This is usually only going to be economically justifiable with high volumes of transactions. Please contact us for more information.

The key benefits of this approach are reproducibility, scheduling and capturing of expert knowledge.

Additionally, a unique benefit of LawWare is its ability to tackle both the recording of tasks (which we have labelled Activities) and the cost & charge (Time) at the same time. A firm can tackle these two aspects separately and it does not matter which is done first. However, if a firm is going to time record (for either management analysis or feeing purposes) it may be better to do this first.

Frequently Asked Questions

What software do law firms use?

There are many different types of software aimed at law firms. Most small and medium-sized firms require an effective case management system combined with software for handling accounting and billing.

Legal case management software allows you to electronically store all information relating to legal cases in a single database. It gives you complete control over the management of all legal documentation and acts as a backup – helping you run your business efficiently.

How do you set up a case management system?

Firstly, assess the needs of your practice. Some firms handling very specific work types should establish that their short-list of potential suppliers can accommodate all their needs. Then you should look in detail at the main contenders.

What is the best law practice management software?

That all depends on your specific needs. However, the best ones are those which have the ability to make you and your team more efficient. That means avoiding duplication of effort. So, having separate systems for legal case management and legal accounts may involve inputting the same data twice. Consequently, look out for “fully integrated” systems.

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