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For over 25 years, LawWare has been at the forefront of law firm software and legal practice management software development. New LawWare continues in that tradition.

During that time our guiding principle has always been to create solutions that save you time and money, reduce your risk and increase your productivity. Then, we backup our software with high quality support and training.

New LawWare: a new era.

Now, with the release of our fifth generation of software, we are setting new standards all designed to improve the efficiency of your legal business.

New LawWare is not just a facelift. We’ve completely redesigned the application to retain the familiar look, feel and functionality of V4. However, we included brand-new, powerful additions to help you streamline your work.

That’s the technical bit – the benefits are much more wide-ranging.

New LawWare: our approach.

new lawware law firm software Land Rover Inspiration.

Our approach to New LawWare has very much followed the Land Rover Defender template. The original Landy was a robust, secure product with great longevity. Land Rover recently replaced it with a new, even more robust, hi-tech and much improved model.

This guided our principles with it. Still robust and reliable but with many improvements designed to make your work experience simpler and more efficient.

What’s under the bonnet?

  • Modern design.
  • improved layouts.
  • Powerful new search capability.
  • Navigation bar for quicker access to your information.
  • Personal view designer.
  • Excel reports outputter.
  • New case file summary screen – for easier access to key information.
  • Digital case file previewer – Flick through documents in the activity tab.
  • Flexible windows – screen snap in and pop out (multi monitor), sizing.
  • Faster onboarding – new Joint clients wizard.
  • New case file wizard – compliance improvements -risk assessment form.
  • Activities improved time recording with timers – normal phone call, meeting.
  • Document production – performance – much faster & with document preview.
  • Enhanced email management – auto filing & tracked replies.
  • Productivity Centre time slots – live time and target progress.
  • Productivity Centre improvement – custom notifications, graphs.
  • Security improvements – ethical walls (record level security).

Warren Wander, CEO & founder, LawWare Ltd.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Case & Matter Management?

This is the building block for your entire electronic client and case files. LawWare organises all your case information by case. LawWare logs every activity, be it a phone call, a document created, an email or time record and stores it within the case record. This supports you to find and locate all relevant information about the transaction with ease.

Can you keep track of everything?

The database at the heart of LawWare keeps you fully up to speed on the progress of all your cases and alerts you when certain key stages or levels of work in progress come about. It gives you complete control over case management and is a cornerstone in helping you run your business efficiently. Whilst many of the different cases you are dealing with at any given time may be similar in nature, no two cases or work types are the same. LawWare case management software addresses this issue. It gives you the option to add custom fields to your cases – providing complete flexibility. And a mechanism for storing important information that can be used for management reporting.

What makes good law firm software?

Good legal practice management systems are not just about case management, accounts and word processing. With LawWare, not only do you get a fully integrated suite of software, but also a system that tackles many other issues that come hand in hand with running a legal business

Whether it’s keeping you compliant with the regulators, helping you to streamline the way in which you manage your work or enabling you to manage your business effectively, LawWare has a solution tailored to meet your needs. And it’s not just about you – our system includes a wide variety of features designed from the ground up to keep your clients informed and appraised of case progress.

How will New LawWare make life easier?

  • Boost the productivity of staff by reducing the time spent on:
    • Searching for the right client.
    • Setting up new cases with the new case file wizard.
    • Satisfying AML and Risk Assessment.
  • But at the same time making sure these are all happening correctly and being confident that they are right the first time.
  • When things do need attention, ensure more than one person knows about it with:
    • Firm-wide notifications.
    • Case File warning messages.
  • Particular Cases may need extra security due to the nature of the case and/or the people involved. You can easily setup an ethical wall and be confident that only the people that need to access it, can.
  • Make it easy to summarise a case file, particularly useful when covering for colleagues, with a file previewer that enables staff to flick through the file at speed. Also see the key financial status in an easyto-understand format.
  • Staff will appreciate and enjoy having the ability to create their own views of their data. Whether conveyancers, private client, litigators, commercial, etc specific data drives these cases forward and these are displayed front and centre on the screens.

How will New LawWare make your firm more profitable?

  • Profitability is impacted in three ways – savings on cost per case and/or ability to fee more of the time taken and/or providing more cases.
  • Case cost savings are realised when quicker ways are implemented on a consistent basis. Aspects like Auto-filing emails, generation of fully formed documents and forms, digital dispatch rather than post are good examples of how optimising the administrative tasks will make an overall positive impact on cost per matter.
  • Fee more of what you do – sometimes easier said than done but there are a couple of strategies that can be implemented which the software will support. Identify any work types and any client types where the time actually taken may be billable. Trust administration, 15 PROFITABILITY Executry/probate administration, POA are all areas where a bespoke approach may be required. Smallish and medium sized companies are also candidates for justified fees. And this is the key aspect – justification. Implementing a strong time recording system creates the justification for the bill. And where this recording is no more effort than recording the activity anyway – then this is a winning strategy.
  • More cases – the ability to effectively cross-sell without appearing to be ‘salesy’ is an obvious aim of all firms. This means getting the message right, being able to leverage the supporting data and managing the communication in a time-effective fashion.

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