Why Go Cloud?

What are the benefits?

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What are the benefits of the cloud for lawyers? Here are the top 10 reasons our clients suggest have encouraged them to go for a Cloud based system.

In today’s competitive marketplace, it is essential that you have the best IT systems in place. You need this to meet client demands and your firm’s operational needs.

You need to know that you can focus on what you are good at – the art of delivering high quality legal services and looking after your clients, without needing to be concerned about the availability and reliability of your technology infrastructure and systems.

A good Cloud system should:-

  1. Introduce Flexible working by enabling a work from anywhere capability.
  2. Increase staff morale & help you to attract and retain quality staff by demonstrating your investment in the latest technology and commitment to the business.
  3. Simplify your technology, by reducing, even removing the need to manage a complicated on premise server. Eradicate the expensive 5 year server replacement cycle.
  4. Enjoy the real peace of mind knowing that backups are taken care of. Rest assured you have a ready-made, in-built disaster recovery plan in place as a by-product of the Cloud service.
  5. Minimize downtime and Maximise business continuity. In the event of a local failure or force majeure disaster prohibiting access to your offices by enabling the facility to connect to your systems from any internet enabled location.
  6. Future proof your technology by having all future patches & version updates taken care of by a specialist team of dedicated professionals.
  7. Increase efficiency & competitiveness through the utilisation of leading edge software backed up by a first class support team and an on-going all inclusive staff training commitment.
  8. Assure yourself of optimum performance and enhanced data security. Do this by knowing that you are using the newest operating systems and platforms to host your essential systems.
  9. Nurture your team spirit, bond your staff and link remote offices by utilising a single, centralised, joined up system. Replace disparate islands of information.
  10. Save costs and improve your cash flow management by introducing all of this at a low fixed monthly cost.


LawCloud can offer you all of this and more. It is a proven, robust, secure, high performance system designed and built exclusively for lawyers.

If you have found these benefits helpful and aren’t already using LawCloud then you may want to take a look at our Cloud Readiness Assessment.

What are the benefits of the cloud for lawyers? You decide.

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