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LawWare’s legal accounts software module completely integrates with the rest of the software. It uses the same database as the case management system. Consequently, this avoids the need for posting and reposting between one system and another.

All accounts information is available in real-time. This allows you to view reports instantly and determine the overall well-being of your practice as well as individual client matters.

Reporting and notifications allow cashiers to identify debit balances, case files where fees can be recovered and easily navigate to case files with Client Debit balances.

Providing full compliance with all accounts rules, LawWare’s solicitors accounts software includes:-

  • Full Client Accounting systems.
  • Firm Accounting.
  • Designated Deposit Accounts.
  • Automated Feeing systems integrating WIP.
  • Advanced Reporting.
  • Automated month, VAT quarter and year-end routines.
  • On-screen and electronic Bank Reconciliations.
  • VAT reporting (both fees rendered & cash basis).
  • Real time surplus monitoring (for Scotland).
  • A multiple Cashier system with electronic posting slips.
  • English Section 22 & Scottish Accounts Rule B6.3.1(a) compliance.
  • English Interest calculation.
  • Scheduled Transactions.
  • Cheque printing.

Increasing efficiency and reducing risk.

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LawWare’s billing system with its customisable billing templates, makes the process of raising and generating bills straightforward and more efficient. Consequently, this ensures there are no billing delays or errors which could lead to late or difficult to recover payments.

LawWare also handles all your client accounting responsibilities just as efficiently. This ensures client monies are safe and client transactions dealt with in an accurate and timely manner in full accordance with Law Society of Scotland and SRA / Law Society accounting rules and regulations.

The database at the heart of LawWare keeps you fully up to speed on the progress of all your cases and gives you alerts when certain key stages or key costs of the case come around.

It gives you complete control over case management and is a cornerstone of helping you run your business efficiently.

Cash Accounting and Compliance.

Once the core of any computer system in a legal office, and even now still reason enough in itself to implement LawWare, the integrated Accounts module is a real revelation in ease and flexibility of use. LawWare Accounts offers a straightforward interface with some of the most sophisticated reporting facilities available on the market.

While most solutions currently available have started as a basic Accounts package that is then tailored to meet the legal requirements, LawWare Accounts was designed from scratch specifically to offer an integrated accounts solution for Legal Firms, utilising the central Relational Database that powers LawWare, thereby ensuring that Accounts information is available and utilised through all modules of LawWare rather than being confined to the Cashroom.

Real-time information.

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LawWare uniquely provides your accounting information on a real-time basis. Thus allowing all authorised users access to information that is as up-to-date as possible.

Gone are the days of a Cashroom being a day (or more) behind in posting your accounts entries, with critical financial data being out of date.

In are the days of your Cashroom posting entries real-time and users having access to accounts data immediately. Indeed, the flexibility of a LawWare system allows trained alternative staff, with the relevant security privileges, to act as relief cashiers. This can be done from any PC when your Cashroom is under pressure, avoiding a crisis over accounts information.

With LawWare, subject to designated access rights, all users can access accounts details on-screen. They can prepare detailed accounts statements, check credit limits and perform detailed financial analysis according to their access authorisations. Imagine instead of waiting for the Cash room to give you a copy of a client’s ledger, being able to access the details at the touch of a button, or, a partner being able to generate vital & up-to-date financial reports from their own PC. All this is possible with the LawWare Accounts module as part of the LawWare Integrated Practice Management Solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best accounting software for a small law firm?

The best legal accounts software for small law firms comes fully integrated. By that we mean systems that integrally connect to the case management system. This means there is no duplication of effort. You enter information once rather than twice – saving time and effort.

What software do law firms use?

There is no simple answer to this. Law firms use proprietary accounts software, bespoke software and software tailored specifically for legal businesses. Consequently, your choice should depend on the software’s abilities to keep you compliant and make you more productive.

What is the most commonly used accounting software?

The market offers many accounting packages. Many of these are proprietary brands meet the needs of all types of businesses – not just law firms.

The best legal software for accounting is probably not a proprietary package. The solicitors’ accounts rules place additional requirements on all legal practices. Consequently, you should look out for an accounts package that is specifically designed for a legal business.

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