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No bricks and mortar? No problem.

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As competition increases, more and more solicitors are turning to virtual law firm structures. The aim is to cut costs and overheads and place themselves at the forefront of technology via the use of virtual law office software.

The bricks and mortar approach to business is being replaced by virtual practices operating from anywhere. To set up in virtual practice you will need the following:

  • An internet connection
  • A mobile phone
  • A laptop
  • Cloud based practice management software and possibly a client portal.
  • Consider outsourcing certain key services such as cashroom, P.A. and admin work, digital dictation and more.

The cornerstone of a virtual firm.

The benefits of these working methods are obvious. However, they are all underpinned by the need for an effective practice management system that operates from anywhere. LawCloud from LawWare provides a virtual law firm software solution without compromising data security, compliance or confidentiality.

Technology has long been a catalyst for change. It allows organisations to increase productivity and adopt more competitive business models in place of traditional set-ups. In the business of law, “virtual law firms” are redefining how legal practices operate and the services they offer.

To find out more about how LawWare can help you set up your virtual practice, please contact us.

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Virtual law firms have been around for a while now. Many went down that route due to enforced homeworking. Others found their existing practice decided to move to a virtual model to save overhead. Yet others decided to become self-employed.

Opening a virtual law firm is an appealing idea. Start-up costs are low and there is minimal overhead. It sounds ideal for a sole trader or even a small firm. Yet, before you take the leap into the cyberspace, there are some important points to consider.

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