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LawStart from LawWare is a new service designed to provide guidance for new law firms.

Starting your own law firm is a major step in your legal career. You’ll need to have all the right systems in place so that you hit the ground running.

Starting up your own legal business is a big step and something they don’t teach you at Law School. LawStart aims to provide help for new law firms ranging from straightforward advice to practical assistance.

What does LawStart encompass?

The service is designed to provide you with all the essential guidance for new law firms you’ll need to when starting out. These include:

  • Cloud-based practice management solutions.
  • Outsourced cashiering and bookkeeping services.
  • Accounts, tax advice and cashflow forecasting.
  • Company and partnership formation assistance.
  • Marketing advice to help you build your new legal business.
  • Human resources and contract advice.
  • Community: access to like-minded legal entrepreneurs.
  • Virtual office support – mailing, telephony and secretarial support.
guidance for new law firms
Click the image to visit the LawStart website.

Your journey with LawStart

Starting up your own business is a big step and something they don’t teach you at Law School.

Your relationship with us begins with a private conversation leading to a journey that can be hugely rewarding. With the right guidance and advice you can leverage opportunities and have a far more rewarding experience.

Visit the LawStart website to see how we can help you.

LawStart CEO, Warren Wander, started in business in 1995, established LawWare in 1998 which has now become one of the UK’s foremost suppliers of Practice Management Software to SME Law firms.

If you’re up for a conversation, then we are happy to share our experience and introduce you to other like-minded professionals who can help you on your journey.

We are very much available and look forward to chatting with you…

Warren Wander, CEO LawStart, November 2022.

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