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Small to medium sized law firm in Edinburgh.

Case Study: Growing Legal Practicebank of servers

“Coming out of the recession, as a relatively small firm of UK solicitors, we are now putting more resources into business development to grow our practice. An important element of this has been our choice of practice management provider. In choosing LawCloud we have already met several of our aims, such as lowering overall IT expenditure. Case Study: Growing Legal Practice

Another key turning point in our expansion was setting up a further office several hundred miles from our main offices. Because LawCloud is accessible from virtually anywhere in the world provided that the appropriate basic IT equipment is in place, opening up new premises was a relatively smooth transition for our business. Adding users to the system as our practice expands is also now a painless process. It was also helpful to know that client data is being stored securely. And that the relevant server is located in the UK. Consequently it is subject to the restraints of the UK’s data protection legislation and enforcement.”

About Data Ownership

Who has ownership of your data?

LawCloud assures you that the information we hold will be treated as confidential. It will never be used or disclosed to third parties.

We are registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office and abide by their regulations.

You retain full ownership in terms of the intellectual property of the data that is stored on our systems. You have an explicit right to get your data back on demand. Following the return of data, we will contact you confirming that the data has been deleted from our servers.

As a solicitor, you have a responsibility to provide certain data to the legal profession’s governing bodies. Failure to do so could itself be a conduct issue. Some lenders also require this under panel appointment arrangements.

Your SLA with us provides for the return of your data, in a readable and understandable form; where you are required to produce the data to the regulator for a legitimate and authorised regulatory purpose. The LawCloud SLA complies with this obligation. That means even if your firm is in breach of the terms and if you are in dispute with us.

How do we comply with the Data Protection Act 1998?

Your LawCloud is protected and is held in a highly secure data centre that meets the necessary accreditation requirements. It is based in the UK, complying with the Data Protection Act 1998.

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