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How many of us know for sure that our backup is really working? Or can we recover from a disk or server failure in the event of an unforeseen disaster?

Disaster recovery

We are all guilty of too commonly assuming that our backups are good. Additionally, if our server disk were to fail or the server to break down, we assume the backup is in a state from which we can use it to recover. That is how disaster recovery is supposed to work.

Imagine coming into the office on a busy Friday with settlements to deal with or having a critical court schedule. Then you find out that you can’t get to your documents… as the server died the night before! This has been the experience of many unfortunates and I can assure you, it will only ever happen once!

We assume that our IT support (if we have any) are looking after these things. We assume they will sort us out in the worst case scenario. Whilst this may be true, they can only do this if you have reliable, fully restorable backups and even then, can’t guarantee that there won’t be data loss.


You need to be sure that you regularly check your backups (1) to ensure that they run successfully and (2) that in the event of a failure, you can recover information successfully recovered from the tapes / disk.

In any event, it can take days to rebuild a server or recover from a failure. This downtime can be enormously frustrating. In some cases, where recovery isn’t possible, absolutely fatal for the business.

It is best practise to perform a recovery test every quarter to “simulate” a failure and even restore your information to a “recovery server”. This will demonstrate that your restore procedure works, is valid and tested.

For those who don’t have this facility available then there is an element of risk. That will only become apparent probably when it is too late.

New disaster recovery service


LawWare has introduced a new service that can help ensure that the worst never happens. Through our LawSecure for Enterprise service, we have designed a robust plan to help protect your server data. This gives you Zero downtime in the event of a major disaster, something which very few providers can offer.

  • Managed Daily Backup – The service revolves around a managed data backup that we setup for you by installing an agent on your server to backup your critical data files to our secure, proven & robust, UK based LawCloud data servers.
  • Disaster Recovery Plan – Overnight, we will restore your data daily into a fully operational LawWare system on LawCloud. We will test and ensure that the backup is fully restorable and that your data is safely recoverable.
  • Remote Access Capability – We will give you access to the snapshot of your data on the Cloud via a LawCloud login. This means you can access your data from anywhere with a secured internet connection. This could be home, branch office, court etc…) offering mobility, flexibility and peace of mind. You can access the data via a PC / laptop / iPad / Apply Mac etc…

If you are already a LawCloud user then you are automatically protected by this cover.


This service is aimed at LawWare Enterprise users who would benefit from peace of mind that their backups are taken care of. It is a tested recovery process daily, also for those who would benefit from remote access to a snapshot of this data for mobility.

If you are not currently a LawWare or LawCloud user, and do not currently enjoy this level of cover, then please contact us to find out more about our low cost competitor upgrade options.

If you would like further details on disaster recovery, please let me know by emailing warren@lawware.co.uk

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