Keeping your clients up to speed.

In our next version of the LawWare software, we shall be adding new functionality in the form of a Client Portal. As soon as this is fully developed, we will make it available to all clients. Here is a brief taster of how it will work and the benefits it will offer.

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The LawWare Client Portal is a web-based application that runs in a browser and complements the LawWare Desktop application. We designed it specifically in response to requests from our clients. They wished to be able to present controlled matter information to selected clients in real time. The client portal gives you the ability to interact directly with clients to speed up business and increase productivity.

The Portal is accessed by secure logon and allows you to offer as much or as little case information to your clients as you see fit.

Case and matter transparency for your clients.

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By granting access to the portal to your clients you can select which information, case notes or documentation they can see and allow them to keep up to speed on the progress of their case as it happens.

The Portal is accessible to users via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone. You can also access it from anywhere with an internet or mobile phone connection.

Case and matter access for your staff.

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The LawWare Client Portal is not only an updating service for your clients, it also provides you with a lightweight, responsive design web app for your own staff to use from a browser, iPad, iPhone or Android, either on the move or from a desktop.

You can set different security permissions for each staff member. You can allow them to look at specific matter files and publish documents and files. All to enable clients to view them and check the progress of multiple case files.

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