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The two-in-one solution for clients and staff alike.

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The LawWare Client Portal is a web-based application that runs in a browser and complements the LawWare desktop application. It is designed to:

  • Enable your team to access their contacts, clients and matters out of the office on their smartphones or tablets when needed.
  • Present controlled matter information to selected clients and third party contacts in real-time.

A robust, lightweight application designed to make your work experience simpler and more efficient as well as keeping your clients happy.

Access to the Portal is via a secure login, is password protected with optional multi-factor authentication built in.

Mobile Connect.

The Portal’s Mobile Connect facility is a lightweight web app that gives your team the ability to look up information about all contacts, clients, cases and activities / attachments. You can use it from a browser, iPad, iPhone or Android when you are on the move.

Case and matter access for your team.

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  • At client level you can lookup an address, main phone number and email address and view case files.
  • At case file level it shows the financial balances and supports access to activities.
  • At activity level you can view basic information and the attachments are also accessible.
  • Staff can record new generic activities for meetings, phone calls and file notes with time also recorded and can dictate directly into the notes of activities using a phone speech to text capacity.
  • Staff (with permission) can also invite Clients to join the the Portal and decide which Case Files and which Activities to publish – for Clients to access.

You can set different security permissions for each of your team members. It’s all designed to enable your team to check the progress of multiple case files when they need to.

Client Connect.

Clients are becoming ever more demanding. The Portal’s Client Connect option gives you the opportunity to keep them briefed on case progress proactively.

Client Connect is accessed by secure logon. You can offer as much or as little case information to your clients as you see fit. It is an optional add-on that supports clients’ access their published information.

Case and matter transparency for your clients.

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By granting access to the Portal to your clients you can select which information, case notes or documentation they can see, keeping them up to speed on the progress of their case as it happens.

Clients have their own login that lets them:

  • View any published Cases and within each Case file, any published Activities (with any associated Attachment).
  • View and/or Download Attachments.
  • View WIP and outstanding fees across all their case files.

Client Connect is accessible via desktop, laptop, tablet or mobile phone from anywhere with an internet or mobile phone connection.

Client Portal benefits.

There are many benefits to adding the LawWare Portal to your existing LawWare software. We think the key ones are:


Enabling you to work from anywhere with a minimum of fuss and hardware when you need to.

Information for when you are on the move

Whether you are in court, visiting a client or even on holiday, the Portal provides instant information at your fingertips.

Satisfied clients

Your clients are your most valuable asset. With the Portal, you can now keep them fully up to speed and contact them when action is required.

What is a mobile app?

According to Techopedia…

A mobile application, most commonly called an app, runs on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer. Mobile applications often serve to provide users with similar services to those accessed on PCs. Apps are generally small, individual software units with limited function. Apple Inc. originally popularized the use of this technology via its App Store. It now offers thousands of applications for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

A mobile application is also known as an app, web app, online app, iPhone app or smart phone app. LawWare’s mobile app for solicitors is one of these.

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