Microsoft Outlook Integration and your LawWare system.

email icon showing microsoft outlook integration

Microsoft Outlook integration means your LawWare software works seamlessly with Outlook. It solves the problem of storing emails in one place and other matter correspondence in another.

The “side-by-side” layout of the LawWare user interface allows you to work on a case file whilst viewing Microsoft Outlook at the same time – giving you the flexibility to file your emails against a case file with ease.

You can also create outgoing emails from within case files using the details held in LawWare and automatically store the activities.

Complete control with “drag and drop” email.

email icon showing microsoft outlook integration

As a matter of course, LawWare provides you with the functionality to place incoming and outgoing emails within a case file. LawWare does this via a simple “drag and drop” mechanism.

In more complex matters, there may be a need to store the same email in multiple case files. The “drag and drop” technology gives you the option to do this effortlessly. Thus, it saves you time and allowing you to get on with the business in hand.

LawWare also prevents emails from being duplicated to a case file. It also automatically recognises response emails from clients. This gives you the option to place them in the case file at the touch of a button.

Efficiency and time saving with email auto filing.

email icon showing microsoft outlook integration

Being able to manuually place your emails within a case file is one thing. having the software do it for you is another.

Automatic email filing means that your software recognises individual emails and to which case file they belong. That means you never lose track of your correspondence.

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