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Built-in Client Relationship Management comes as standard.

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Your existing clients are the lifeblood of your business and, as you work with them, you amass a great deal of data about them. LawWare allows you to capitalise upon this via its CRM & Marketing module.

The CRM allows you to segment your clients by work type, type of business or any other appropriate criteria. This gives you the ability to send them targeted messages; keeping them updated and keep your business at the forefront of their minds. Whether it’s newsletters or simple reminders, the CRM & Marketing module integrates with Microsoft Office and makes the job of informing and cross selling to your clients a routine operation.

Grow your Business.

The business of attracting new clients is equally important for ambitious law firms. This can often be a difficult and time-consuming job.

The LawWare database isn’t just there to store information about your existing clients. Indeed, you can use it with ease to store information about prospective clients. It can keep a record of contacts or visits you’ve made, log event invitations you’ve sent and more. You can use it for targeted email or mailshot programmes and gives you the ability to keep track of and monitor the success of your activities.

In essence, it provides you with an integrated digital marketing interface. That makes the job of building your business that much simpler.

Don’t let opportunities pass you by.

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The LawWare CRM & Marketing module helps to prevent you from missing out on potential new business. So, you can mark wills and other documents with review dates. The system will then automatically remind you when the review date is due.

You can set up automatic reports to give you reminders of when to contact clients and potential new clients as part of your daily routine.

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CRM u0026amp; Marketing Database
CRM and marketing database

Often misunderstood and under-estimated, the database is the key to an effective practice management software suite. In LawWare the Microsoft compliant database provides a unique core function to the complete LawWare Integrated Practice Management Solution.

Utilising tried & tested Microsoft Database technology, the LawWare Database provides:-

  • Central Relational Database Design
  • Scaleable from single user to major networks
  • Contacts Database
  • Client Database containing all vital client information
  • Practice & Personnel Database
  • Conflict of Interest checking
  • E-Strongroom, customisable for Wills, Titles, Stocks, Powers of Attorney etc.
  • Data Protection Act compliance

Custom designed, the complete LawWare Suite utilises a single central database for storage of all practice information, regardless of the number of Modules that may have been activated within your system.

Not only does this bring consistency of information for purposes of accuracy, but also ends the tedious and time-consuming re-entry of data for use in different database modules.

Due to the use of separately developed modules, most other solutions available today inevitably involve an element of re-keying of information or the use of software links or complicated data exchange methods. LawWare was designed from the very beginning to specifically utilise its central relational database concept. This ensures the availability of information on an ‘enter once – use often’ basis.

LawWare uniquely makes all database information transparently available to each relevant module on a real-time basis ensuring that regardless of which module is in use the latest and most up-to-date information will be available.

Duplication Removal

CRM and marketing database

Gone are the days of tedious re-entry of common data. Gone, the inherent inaccuracies of input and the risk of using out-of-date information.

In are the days of a truly integrated system. Information is entered or updated once and is then immediately available across the complete suite of modules. Indeed, the savings in time and avoidance of inaccuracies will in themselves soon make LawWare an indispensable tool in your practice.

With LawWare all users can benefit from the latest data available for use in all the practice modules according to their access authorisations. Imagine instead of wasting time trying to locate a client or business contact’s new telephone number or address, being able to get access to the details at the touch of a button!

Or, a partner being able to generate a vital missive – with correct and up-to-date addresses – from their own PC! Or, accessing an extensive range of cross-module data directly from your home PC to complete a vital transaction out-of-hours! – all this is possible with the LawWare database module forming part of the LawWare Integrated Practice Management Solution.

Data Protection Act Compliance
Data Protection Act coat of arms

All organisations must be able to reply to requests for the disclosure of information held or not held about any individual.

Consequently, LawWare has an in-built report that will produce this at the touch of a button.

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