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Integrated time recording and billing.


Even in this day and age, many regard time recording and billing as something of a chore. With LawWare, time recording is an integral feature of the software and operates seamlessly as you work.

Even if you spend the majority of your time on fixed fee work, time recording has benefits. It is a valuable management tool. It can help you establish the real cost and value of the work to your business.

Simplified billing.

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You can generate bills at the press of a button. There is also the option to bill in full or interim bill. Additionally, you can include a Time Cost Statement if required.

The system also gives you the ability to customise the look and layout of your invoices to suit your house-style.

Keep tabs on your time both in and out of the office.


Whether you’re working from home, court or visiting clients, LawWare comes with a mobile app giving you the option to record time on the go as well as look at case files and the state of the latest bill.

The app is designed to work with all types of mobile phone and tablet. Thus, allowing you to take your work anywhere and keep track of your time.

Explore the Detail

Either loved or hated, time recording was once seen as the key element of client-charging calculations, but with LawWare the Activity & Time Recording Module is much more than a simple time-recording tool. This module is part of LawWare’s Matter Management suite. The suite aims to bring generic file administration and file access firmly into the realm of IT in the 21st Century.

  • Time recording in real-time.
  • Automatic on-screen stop-watches.
  • User definable, flexible charge rates.
  • Separate private & Legal Aid fee rates.
  • Full Integration with accounts / fee preparation system.
  • Risk management through accurate recording of activities.
  • Supported by an advanced suite of reports & time & WIP analysis tools.
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Specifically designed to integrate with the complete set of modules provided in the LawWare Practice Management Suite, the Activity & Time Recording Module provides an invaluable managerial tool for analysing the cost of individual transactions, identifying areas of staff productivity and profitability, and offering valuable risk management facilities.

Improved functionality.

While many time recording systems involve the separate preparation of time sheets, which are then laboriously entered into a system by support staff, LawWare provides the complete simple to use activity & time recording function directly on the desktop.

In keeping with the LawWare ethos, individual fee earners log entries in real-time. Then they are immediately available throughout the LawWare suite. LawWare uniquely makes your Activity & Time Recording Information available through the suite of modules on a real-time basis ensuring that the true level of time expenditure on client work is accurately recorded and utilised for managerial and fee-charging purposes.

Gone are the days of either guessing at the time involved in completing a transaction. Gone also is the chore of painstakingly adding up the number of copy-letters on a file to determine the work level involved. Here are the days of true system integration. One where fee-earners input brief or detailed file notes on-screen as appropriate.

The benefits.

This information is then immediately available across the complete suite of modules for the purposes of Invoice Generation and Time Management. Indeed the savings in unbilled time could in themselves soon pay for the LawWare Activity & Time Recording Module. With LawWare your firm can benefit from accurate recording and reporting of time expenditure and cross-practice access to on-screen file entries. Instead of searching for a paper file, being able to access the latest details at the touch of a button. The system supports two or more members of staff accessing the same file records simultaneously. Have you ever wished to be able to access the details of work carried out on a file directly from your home PC to complete a vital transaction out-of-hours – all this is possible with the LawWare Activity & Time Recording module forming part of the LawWare Integrated Practice management Suite.

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