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Managing your practice.

Legal Practice Management Reporting chart

The core of effective Legal Practice Management Reporting is having accurate, up-to-date information at your fingertips.

This is where LawWare really comes into its own. Our database includes two heavy duty reporting modules – The Report Centre and The Productivity Centre. These both include a wide variety of Key Performance Indicator reports built-in as standard.

  • Budgeting
  • Client and File Management
  • Feeing Analysis
  • Feeing and Credit Control
  • Financial Reports
  • General Accounting
  • Purchase Ledger
  • Strongroom
  • Time Recording and Profitability

The list is by no means exhaustive. With help from us, you can create additional reports to address any other management information requirements that you may have. You can also generate reports for Law Societies and the SRA .

Herding cats…

Legal Practice Management Reporting analysis

It’s all very well having a team of bright fee earners at your disposal – but how do you know how well they are performing?

LawWare’s Productivity Centre provides you with the perfect resource to capture key performance data and use it to manage your staff more effectively and efficiently.

  • Fees Recovered Report Listing
  • Fees Rendered Report Summary
  • Activity Type Analysis
  • Aged WIP Report
  • Management Analysis of WIP
  • Average days to be paid by Department
  • Average days to be paid by Fee Earner
  • File turnaround by fee earner.

Managing your Finances.

Legal Practice Management Reporting pie chart

We are all in business to make a profit. And it is critical from both management and compliance standpoints to ensure that the business is performing soundly and that any potential problems can be flagged up as early as possible.

LawWare’s financial management reporting infrastructure is extensive; it covers all the regular accounting reports you would expect and it can provide you with real-time assessments of how your business is performing.

Typical financial reports include:

  • Balance Sheet
  • Firm’s Trial Balance
  • Client Trial Balance
  • Day End – activity list to print and file
  • VAT period end draft report
  • Accounts Certificate (Scotland)
  • Reprint accounts daybook
  • Firm and client bank balances
  • Transaction Search / Custom listing
  • Purchase Invoice List
  • Purchase Invoices Due
  • Budget analysis reports
  • Profit and loss reports
  • Historical reporting.
More about Legal Practice Management Reporting
Legal Practice Management Reporting analysis

Nowadays Legal Firms have come to recognise that as profit-generating businesses it is vital that partners and business managers have up to date reporting & analysis facilities available to them to monitor performance throughout the firm. With the LawWare Report Centre & the LawWare Productivity Centre this sophistication is readily available.

Fully integrated in the LawWare relational Database, the Reporting & Analysis Module provides:-

  • Client Accounting Reporting
  • Firm’s Financial well-being reporting
  • Target Reporting
  • Exception Reporting
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Annual & Monthly comparison Reporting
  • KPI trend analysis.

Specifically designed to integrate with the complete set of modules provided in the LawWare Integrated Practice Management Suite, the Report Centre and the Productivity Centre Modules provide an invaluable managerial tool for analysing both financial information generated within the Accounts Module and also information from the Activity & Time Recording Module to produce data on the overall performance and financial well-being of the firm.

While most practice management systems restrict their reporting analysis functions to accounts information, LawWare provides a comprehensive real-time picture of a firm’s overall health directly on the desktop of partners and practice managers.

Obviously it is better to nip a developing issue in the bud before it develops into a full-blown crisis, but how can these buds be identified? On an individual basis LawWare can indicate areas where particular attention should be paid. The Partner and the Fee Earner notifications will summarise certain key performance indictors in an easy to read form. The Partner/Fee Earner can click on any aspect and drill down into it in order to explore the instances that have been alerted.

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