Securely store and keep track of your clients’ documents.

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LawWare’s Strongroom is a fully integrated mechanism for keeping track of all client documentation stored in a physical strongroom or other secure place.

From wills to powers of attorney or title deeds to insurance documents, The Strongroom feature allows you to keep track of all client confidential materials. Security enablement comes as standard. Consequently, this ensures only relevant people have access to appropriate materials.

Review your Strongroom contents quickly and easily.

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Every document tracked by The Strongroom function can be allocated a review date and a report can then be generated from within the LawWare KPI (Key Performance Indicators) reporting suite to determine if action is required.

With this, you can make sure you take proper action on behalf of clients before deadlines have expired.

Use Strongroom reporting to generate new business.

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The added bonus of the Strongroom reporting feature is that it provides you with the ability to generate both new and repeat business.

Once your KPI report has been generated, you can integrate the results seamlessly into a Microsoft Word document template or email, then contact clients individually or in bulk advising them that their wills or other documents are due for review or update.

More about the Strongroom.

The Strongroom
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Built into the LawWare core database is a powerful electronic strong room enabling you to index and track vital documents that are held in the physical strong room or other secure locations.

Key pre-defined document index types include:-

  • Power of Attorney
  • Wills
  • Titles
  • Deeds
  • Stocks & shares information
  • General Insurance

You can also define your own types of document items for indexing.

A comprehensive reporting suite enables you to produce reports on document types. This includes a power of attorney list as required by SRA and Law Society regulations.

Each pre-defined item type has specific fields relating to that particular item.

You can attach documents from the case file or scan them and attach them to the index entry. This allows speedy document retrieval of the actual Will, Title, Deed etc.

As with all LawWare modules, The Strongroom provides full security enablement on a per user basis. That means only users with security access rights to that area can get access to it.

Each client can have an unlimited number of Strongroom items stored. Information fields let you highlight where the document is in storage. Each client file has its own Strongroom items listed for easy viewing and retrieval.

KPI Reporting

KPI Reporting.

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Each document can have a review date. The system automatically reviews all dates and reports them via a Key Performance Indicator (KPI) called “strongroom items past review date”. This reports the number of items and provides you with advanced warning of what action you need to take.

You can drill into this and show those items together with the details of the client they are associated with.

Enhanced Client Communications
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There is a mailing facility built into LawWare that supports communications with your clients. For any item(s) held in the Strongroom you can write to or email the client. ‘Wills Held’ is a good example of this. Using a Review Date, you can allocate all Wills a time in the future when you wish your clients to review them. The KPI above will alert you of this action in the future. You can accumulate a number of Will Reviews or deal with each individually. Additionally, by creating a template letter, you can easily write to each Client to let them know that their will is in need of review and inform them of any actions.

LawWare will produce any letter you wish and your client will see you as being pro-active and protective of their interests. You can post these letters or email them as you wish. You can also create a record of this activity and automatically record it on the client’s file.

When communicating with a client that you have not spoken to for a couple of years it is a good opportunity to remind them of other services you provide, such as Power of Attorney, as it is often the case that clients will use this opportunity to review other aspects of their lives as well. Use of this facility will increase a firm’s turnover.

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