Document Management

Create, modify and style your documents with ease.

Fully integrated within the LawWare relational database, the Document Management Module provides:

  • Extensive style library facilities to create customised document templates for re-use
  • Automatic merging of addressee details, letter headings, case information, etc
  • Pre-defined sets of styles according to worktype
  • Fully networkable integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook
  • A ‘Virtual’ file with all documents/letters accessible as “Activities” within the file
  • The ability to attach any type of file or document, including scanned images and paperwork
  • The facility to drag and drop incoming e-mails into appropriate files and raise e-mails from the case file
  • Reduced risk management through consistency of documentation content
  • The ability to send SMS text messages to clients and store the messages within the case file.
  • The ability to use third-party tools such as document banks or forms packages.

All of this allows you to operate your business in a paper-light or completely paperless way.

Find your documents quickly and easily.

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All your documents are stored within the appropriate matter file providing you with the ability to search and find them with ease and to look at the version history of each.

Collaborate with others and share your documents.

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Version history is not there just to give an historical overview. In situations where multiple fee earners or teams handle the same matters, LawWare makes your documents available. Available for both viewing and input by other fee earners and appropriate staff. Consequently, you can do the job in the most efficient and cost-effective manner.

More about Document Management.

Matter Management, Document Management and Email Support

Often overlooked by firms, especially where secretarial skills and typing are something of a mystery to fee-earning staff, many firms regard Document Management as little more than the method by which secretarial staff place copies of letters and documents in manila files.

However, LawWare’s Document and E-mail Management Module takes the production and administration of paperwork to an altogether different level. This module is part of LawWare’s Matter Management suite. It aims to bring generic file administration and file access firmly into the realm of IT in the 21st Century.

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  • Extensive style library facilities
  • Automatic merging of addressee details, letter headings, case information, etc
  • Pre-defined sets of styles according to worktype
  • Fully networkable integration with Microsoft Word and Outlook
  • A ‘Virtual’ file with all documents/letters accessible as “Activities” within the file
  • Drag ‘n’ Drop facility for incoming e-mails into appropriate files, raise e-mails from the file
  • Reduced risk management through consistency of documentation content
Document Management

Document Management.

Specifically designed to integrate with the complete set of modules provided in the LawWare Integrated Practice Management Suite, the Document Management Module provides an invaluable tool for secretarial and professional staff alike.

Integrated document management

It allows the creation and management of the firm’s paperwork from routine letters to lengthy contractual documents. Using the main relational Database to generate standard and fill-in details the system then utilises the front-end of the commonly used Microsoft Word package, greatly reducing the need for staff to be retrained.

Traditional Document Management systems offer little more than a system of computer “folders”. Individual users then store their own documentation in them. LawWare provides the equivalent of an electronic file. Meaning, all documents and letters relating to an individual client are ‘filed’ directly against that client’s Case File. LawWare uniquely makes your documentation and correspondence available through the suite of modules on a real-time basis. Consequently, it ensures that this is readily available to all users.

Gone are the days of waiting for a secretary to find an existing letter or document for re-issue or alteration, or creating a detailed contract from scratch or from a similar file.

Matter Management

Matter Management.

In are the days of a centralised common Library of Styles offering consistency of content, removal of tedious re-typing and data-entry and true cross-practice access to a sophisticated document production system. The savings in secretarial typing time alone should justify introducing this Module.

individual file folder

With LawWare, your firm can benefit from a high quality document production system utilising industry standard Microsoft Word word-processing software with on-screen access available to all authorised users. Imagine instead of searching for a copy document, being able to call up a copy on-screen at the touch of a button.

LawWare provides the facility for two or more secretaries to work on sections of a lengthy document simultaneously. Then they can merge their work into a single document, which is then available to everyone, is supported.

Access to correspondence within a file from another branch or remote/home PC and even creating a documentation out-of-hours – all this is achievable with the LawWare Document Management module forming part of the LawWare Integrated Practice Management Solution.

Email Support

E-mail Support.

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Nowadays, e-mail has become the standard method of communication between organisations involved in progressing legal transactions. Due to the combination of low-cost and high-speed of distribution, the advantages of e-mail combined with the advent of the electronic letterhead, make it easy to respond to a request, construct that response and to deliver it to the PC screen of the requester in one action.

The cost savings alone cannot be ignored. Therefore, it is essential that these efforts are recorded as efficiently as they are produced and saved away within the client’s case file, for all sorts of reasons.

The Microsoft Outlook integration within LawWare supports the simplest drag ‘n’ drop technique for dropping e-mails received (with all attachments) into case files.

LawWare supports the creation of outgoing e-mails from within the case file itself, making LawWare completely easy to use for all levels of staff within a law firm.

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