Extend your capability by integrating additional software resources.

Third Party Integrations jigsaw

Whilst LawWare provides the overwhelming majority of all your practice management needs from matter management to accounts and reporting, all legal practices are different and sometimes require third-party integrations.

There are many applications out there which can add value to your system. From legal portals to digital dictation. LawWare’s design includes built-in flexibility to meet any specific needs you may require. It can integrate with third party software products; improving your productivity and keeping everything you need to do your job under the same roof.

Bespoke Third Party Integrations.

At LawWare we are always open to new ideas. If there is a specific application that you feel is important to your business, let’s talk. We welcome discussing the possibilities of integrating new apps into our platform and working together with you to ensure the fit is a good one.

Contact us for further details.

What are third party integrations?

In software development, a third-party software component is a reusable software component.  They are usually developed for free distribution or sold by an entity other than the original vendor. The third-party software component market thrives because many programmers believe that component-oriented development improves the efficiency and the quality of developing custom applications. There are many examples of such apps in mainstream software. If you have a specific request, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us for further deails.

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