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Extend your capability by integrating additional software resources.

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Whilst LawWare provides the overwhelming majority of all your practice management needs from matter management to accounts and reporting, all legal practices are different and sometimes require third-party integrations.

There are many third Party Integrations and applications out there which can add value to your system. From legal portals to digital dictation. LawWare’s design includes built-in flexibility to meet any specific needs you may require. It can integrate with third party software products; improving your productivity and keeping everything you need to do your job under the same roof.

Some of our current integration partners…

Third Party Integrations FormEvo Logo


Comprehensive and secure, cloud-based, electronic and digital legal forms library.

FormEvo’s comprehensive range of legal forms combined with a common user experience to submit data to various government agencies, including those using digital forms, just keeps things simple and reliable for you.

Third Party Integrations Exizent Logo


Transform the way you deliver estate administration services.

Improving the bereavement experience for everyone. Give your team and clients
the support they deserve with our software specially designed for executry and
probate professionals supporting customers through bereavement.

Amiqus Logo


Digitally verify & onboard clients in minutes via this legal compliance platform.

Amiqus is a digital identity verification tool. It enables your firm to remotely check if the people you want to represent are who they say they are. It’s often the first step to getting to work on the things that matter.

Making Tax Digital

HMRC Digital

Comprehensive integration with HMRC systems for electronic VAT returns.

We work closely with HMRC to ensure smooth integration with their systems. This led to the development of a new application within LawWare allowing you to submit VAT returns directly.

Third party integrations LMS logo


LMS is one of the UK’s leading providers of conveyancing services.

LMS has been providing law firms with a wide range of services for over 25 years, and has the expertise and experience to help make the mortgage market a more secure and reliable place to do business.

TM Group Logo

TM Group

One-stop, effective management of residential property transactions.

TM Group’s Consumer Portal helps firms stay in touch with clients throughout the transaction, as well as completing forms and saving time, driving down the average time to exchange and completion.

First Scottish Logo

First Scottish

Legal searching services designed for the Scottish market.

First Scottish delivers a comprehensive list of fast and accurate search services designed to dramatically reduce your operating costs, increase your business efficiency.

Millar and Bryce Logo

Millar & Bryce

Conveyancing support assistance for the Scottish property market.

Title information, conveyancing search and land reference services for the Scottish property market and a host of additional services to help youease the process of conveyancing in Scotland.

Enact Logo


Direct Conveyancing support for England and Wales.

Moving home is one of the most important decisions clients make. Enact prides itself on being a brand that you and your clients can trust and who genuinely believe they are good at what they do.

Bespoke Third Party Integrations.

At LawWare we are always open to new ideas. If there is a specific application that you feel is important to your business, let’s talk. We welcome discussing the possibilities of integrating new apps into our platform and working together with you to ensure the fit is a good one.

Contact us for further details.

What are third party integrations?

In software development, a third-party software component is a reusable software component. They are usually developed for free distribution or sold by an entity other than the original vendor. The third-party software component market thrives because many programmers believe that component-oriented development improves the efficiency and the quality of developing custom applications. There are many examples of such apps in mainstream software. If you have a specific request, we would like to hear from you. Please contact us for further deails.

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